Stock Option Analysis

This is your StockOpter® Personal Equity Compensation Profile report. Together with a review session, it is designed to provide you with unique and insightful perspectives on your equity compensation portfolio. This information will provide you with a foundation for making timely and prudent decisions regarding your employee stock options and company stock holdings. This report was created using the financial assumptions provided in Appendix A and the grant data shown in Appendix B. It contains the following sections:

Stock Option Valuation: This section provides a number of perspectives on the value of your current employee stock option (ESO) portfolio including: In-The-Money Value, Cash-Out Value, Black-Scholes Value, and your estimated Forfeit Value®.

Company Stock Holdings: This section provides information on Restricted Stock Grants, company stock holdings, and your estimated total Forfeit Value®.

Investment Risk/Reward: This section will show you how different stock prices affect the value of your equity compensation portfolio. It will also illustrate the upside and downside leverage in your holdings.

Personal Risk/Reward: This section provides an evaluation of your equity compensation holdings in relationship to your financial goals. It also provides an analysis of the risk inherent in your current position.

Decision Framework: This section will help you establish a framework for making informed decisions about when option exercises should be considered.

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